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Paul Carrick
United States
Greetings! I am a freelance illustrator/artist from Boston, much of my work falls into the fantasy/games genre, with a specialty of H.P. Lovecraft inspired art. I've been enjoying music illustration (CDs, LPs and the like) recently and would welcome more of it.

Current Residence: Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Call the Name by nightserpent
Call the Name
acrylic  Illustration for the short story "Call the Name" by Adam Nevill for the Lovecraftian Anthology 'the Gods of Lovecraft'…
We Smoke the Northern Lights by nightserpent
We Smoke the Northern Lights
acrylic  Illustration for the short story "We Smoke the Northern Lights" by Laird Barron for the Lovecraftian Anthology 'the Gods of Lovecraft"…

the Great Library at Celaeno by nightserpent

I've just made a video containing sketches and the painting in progress of my recent 'Celaeno' painting:

the Great Library at Celaeno by nightserpent
the Great Library at Celaeno
Acrylic 30x18"/ 76x46cm

This is a box cover illustration for the currently being kickstarted Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 2 game expansion by Petersen Games.  It depicts the Great Library at Celaeno, one of August Derleth's contributions to the Cthulhu Mythos.  In a nutshell, it is a vast alien library located near a star named Celaeno.   More at wikipedia:…

As there is limited information and description of the place, this is one of those instances where I was allowed to run more freely with my imagination.  A little while back, a fellow DA watcher pointed out that I gravitated toward certain palettes.  A quick look at my gallery will quickly reveal my fondness of pthalo blue, I cannot deny! :lol: So, I inverted some of my images in photoshop to see what my compliment/negative palette and decided to use this 'alien' color scheme to depict this alien library.

I've created a video slideshow containing sketches and the painting in progress:…
For those of you who might be in the New England region between now and after the holidays (perhaps early January); I will be exhibiting nine of my Lovecraftian paintings and drawings at Far From the Tree Cider, a hard cider house tasting room in Salem, MA.

Return To Yuggoth by nightserpent  Ghouls by nightserpent  Azathoth by nightserpent

Cthulhu Wizard by nightserpent  Azathoth - Cider Label by nightserpent  the Fungi From Yuggoth - Cider Label by nightserpent

Shub-Niggurath by nightserpent  Life And Death by nightserpent  Alien Intelligence by nightserpent

Each weekend in October they are releasing a new and limited run of a Lovecraft themed hard cider: Unknown Kadath (sleepytime herbs, hops and catnip), Fungi From Yuggoth (mushrooms), Azathoth (ghost chili pepper, maple syrup) and Cthulhu Ink (squid ink, seaweed and star anise). At the end of the month, all four will be re-released.  I was there yesterday (Oct 15) and the first two had already sold out, but I did get an advance sip of everyone's favorite blind idiot god, Azathoth!  Here are the four label drawings I made for them:

 Unknown Kadath - Cider Label by nightserpentthe Fungi From Yuggoth - Cider Label by nightserpentAzathoth - Cider Label by nightserpentCthulhu Ink - cider label by nightserpent

I'm not usually drawn to hard cider, but I must say they make some incredible stuff!  Even their everyday ciders use uncommon ingredients, my favorite of the eight standards was Nova, which is dry-hopped with three varieties of hops.  They do ship, though it might be tricky to get the Lovecraft ones because of the limited batches.

Maybe I'll see some of you there!

Far from the Tree Cider

108 Jackson Street

Salem MA. 01907


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